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 Hey guys a return solo episode for August after and absence of many, many months but you get me Chris Mais with a topic on game death, change schedules, player and GM inspiration and how to get back into the sync of game zen. This is a short episode and well if you hear the tinny audio apologies in advance guys.. that is the air conditioner because of the heat wave striking us in the Northeast both day and night.

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Chris , Ray and Keith get together just before the end of the year. Except Keith edited after the new year. 



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New Cast featuring the Established Facts and Game Mechanics Podcast members running the same setting with their own spin on the Character Arch-types. Featuring a play through of the backstory cards. We were playing using the fate accelerated rule set by Evil Hat.

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The thrilling conclusion to the first session of blight and bodie 

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Hey Gang first “normal” episode in a while. Hosts include Keith, Jenny, Mark and Kristen!. Topics include but not limited to

                1) Gamer superstitions

                2) Dealing with Gm and players being out of Synch in their gaming tastes.

                3) Using factual Places in our Roleplaying games without breaking                  Immersion.


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