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The thrilling conclusion to the first session of blight and bodie 

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Hey Gang first “normal” episode in a while. Hosts include Keith, Jenny, Mark and Kristen!. Topics include but not limited to

                1) Gamer superstitions

                2) Dealing with Gm and players being out of Synch in their gaming tastes.

                3) Using factual Places in our Roleplaying games without breaking                  Immersion.


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The Blight has emerged, what will the deputeties of Bodie do to combat this menance

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This is actual play from  Fear the Con 8. There is some background noise from the con. I wanted to see if it’s still Listenable before posting it on Kicked in the dicebags Podcast feed.  Using Fate Accelerated Rules from Evil Hat Productions. I tend to run these Fast and loose so It may not a perfect example of the ruleset.  

Things I used for this session Rorie’s Story cubes as an ice breaker to start engaging people and to come up with the events that happened before the start of the game. (not recorded)

Backstory Cards from Brooklyn Indie Games. I used to help tie the Characters together and with the settings Factions/NPC’s.

Let me know what you think!

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Featuring podcasters and community members recorded The night before fear the con 8, 

Keith, Adam, noble bear, sandpunk, Al, Josh, Don and His sexy wife, Derrick, Avaital,Beth, Zach lorton,  and a cameo from .....  well you just have to listen to the episode. We talk about player and charcter Personalities. 

Lot of folks on the Mics and Lots of Cursing. 

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