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 In this interview segment I( Chris Mais ) sit down with Shanna Germain, of Monte Cook Games, one of the co-creators and editor of the Strange and Numenera. And this original interview was chopped up but we got back together and took a second go at it and here it is.

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 This is a solo episode where it is just me Chris Mais talking about the show, the future and concerns about Ferguson and racial harmony.

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Hey everybody sorry lag tried to clean up but there are some intermittent audio issues that are present.  A very emotional episode.  It’s one of the normal hosts final episodes as a “Host”. We briefly talk about FATAL System,  You were warned…..


But most our episode we ask a Simple Question: What do you want from a RPG game?


Normal hosts

Keith, Adam & Chad.


Big thanks to all the other podcasters that were present.

Josh,Prime, Derek and Big Don from established facts.


Al and Andy (sandpunk) from The game mechanics


Beth from occasionally fear the boot.


Mark Snyder thanks for being a good sport


Zane for stumbling into a podcast recording.


Sorry if i forgot you!!!!

Fear the con 7 was a Blast! Definitely going next year if we can!!!!!!

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hosts Chris Chad Pat and Keith

We speak about recent changes in keith's life. We talk about MRA and why an rpg would "fire" fans that would identify as  MRA.  Fear the con is this Friday and Saturday See for details. 

I litteraly just finished editing now i'm going to get on a plane!


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Hosts Adam , Chad , Chris Mais,Keith and Pat

To cellebrate the Sojourn anthology 1. the gang shares some of the writing projects they are working on.

Mais is running a game set in the image comics universe but is worried about putting his own spin on things in an established setting.

Cafepress store! 

We are not marking up items, we are just covering the cost from cafepress. 


Come see us at Fear the con 7. june 12th-14th

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