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Featuring podcasters and community members recorded The night before fear the con 8, 

Keith, Adam, noble bear, sandpunk, Al, Josh, Don and His sexy wife, Derrick, Avaital,Beth, Zach lorton,  and a cameo from .....  well you just have to listen to the episode. We talk about player and charcter Personalities. 

Lot of folks on the Mics and Lots of Cursing. 

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Topics include but not limited to:

California becoming a Berran Wasteland

The insanaity that is Rifts and it's new savage worlds edition.

Dealing with a group that doesn't want to play in a system tha you want to run.


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This was recorded back in Feburary,  WE lost the majority of the recording so it will just end at a point.

.. topics

1)a short update on  our lives and games. 

2)New Baldurs Gate ish DND computer game coming out later this year. 

3) more sony hack details, And new Ghost Busters talk. 


keep fighting that podfade fight!

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Chris and Keith are joined by Art from Back Seat Box Office (, Josh from the Established Facts ( and Jenny they Lime Wielding Ninja from the Internet!


1)   We do a round table about what are we playing.

2)   Issues with a GM that Abruptly Jumps from RP to Combat

3)   We weigh in on the Info that was gathered from the Sony Hack.

·       Which spirals into a conversation about the Marvel Film universe and DC’s attempt to create their own connected cinematic universe.

4)   Retro Tech……. it was a long episode J



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Take it easy!

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Chris is joined by Keith who hasn't been on in a while and Anthony. 


Topics include in no particular order. 

Chris  GamerGate controversy... the kill or be killed conventions in gaming with heroes and when does that go over the line and the hero get his card yanked...


Chris  third what do you do when the game hits the elephant in the room with the cloaking device a sticky subject or a topic that upsets a player outright that the GM had no idea would be a trigger for that person how do you back up and reverse out of the sinkhole ? Retcon to be or not to be...


Anthony   how does a player choose/balance between the character they want to play vs. usefulness in the game.
We also took some questions from listeners, best way to get ahold of us is joining the kicked in the dicebags players edition facebook group. 
Jenny  How about advice on how to avoid getting the spotlight shoved on you? I'm currently in a game with players who are new to the idea of non-combat-centric RPGs, and they kind of rely on me too much to push the story along sometimes, and will occasionally view my character as a leader or a superior, when I am literally playing the new intern who doesn't know shit. How could someone, either as a player or a GM, encourage the newbies to step it up?


 Nathan Do you use the rule of cool, have you ever used story trumps rules, or does it have to be played/ran by the book?
back to a great start thanks for sticking with us!


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