Kicked in the Dicebags!
The Secret Lives of Geeks

Hosts Adam , Chad , Chris Mais,Keith and Pat

To cellebrate the Sojourn anthology 1. the gang shares some of the writing projects they are working on.

Mais is running a game set in the image comics universe but is worried about putting his own spin on things in an established setting.

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Tonight's party includes  Keith Chad And Chris Mais.  topics include Pop Culture overload, podcasts scandals and much much more!


Music from Zepac "time limit"  and  Among the living 

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 Here we drop an episode a month late but thankfully here. Here I am your host Chris Mais with Daniel Krenzke and Sethalidos on the mikes yet again for more conversation and interesting discussion during the past month of January. We talk about everything from Lord of the Rings to dating rituals to child support. And this was the half of the conversation that wasn't eaten up via Skype recorder. Enjoy this episode folks we had a blast making it happen!

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 Thought we podfaded. Nope. Just some technical difficulties and scheduling snafus.  Interesting conversations abound with Sgt. Daniel Krenzke, Tim Nichols, Ray Gibbs, and Anthony Thanghe. Check it out!

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finally the last piece is posted sorry for the long wait. New episodes coming soon stay tuned. 

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