Kicked in the Dicebags!
The Secret Lives of Geeks

I'm going to drop this a day early because I won't likely have a chance to. For this episode we had SO MANY Skype issues that I am amazed we managed to get the hour and twenty minutes of content we did. As such, we lost Jesse twice in the course of the episode (though thanks to Keith's editing you can barely tell save that we mention it), and there are some sound quality issues that come along with using crappy Internet phone. But on the whole, it was a successsful episode and SO MUCH FUN to record, so I turly hope you enjoy it.

In this episode: Adam, Jesse and Keith are joined by Chris from the Mastercast and Chad from Fear the Boot.

Topic #1 [4:30]: Memories from Fear the Con

Topic #2 [18:52]: What to Bring when Packing for a Con

Topic #3 [37:35]: What Works Best for a Con Game
At Fear the Con 5, the third and final chapter of Chris Mais’ Blacksploitation Epic: Lawd Have Mercy, There Be Cotton on the Moon

Group Template Sample [1:03:40]: Serving Time
Incarceron by Catherine Fisher

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