Kicked in the Dicebags!
The Secret Lives of Geeks

  In which, Whitesnake & The Nubian Prince do battle against the Artificial Sperm, investigate Dr. Eye Tyrant's secret Project MG, are drug to Hell, and foreshadow a Spooky Outhouse crossover event in Showcase issue 3.  Evil villains can locate us at 'nuff said.

Music: "Fette's Vette" by MC Chris
Explicit Tag: Walt Snider
Promo: Accidental Survivors
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  • I\'m still catching up on your older episodes. You might want to try to find the unaired pilot version of Storm Front. This is movie length and has all the neccesary setup. SciFi wanted to show Dresden earlier than they originally planned, so they changed the order they showed the episodes by the amount of work to be done to get them ready. The more special effects (like magic) needed, the later it aired. That\'s why the later episodes of the series had way more visible magic than the earlier ones.

    posted by: Selganor on 2009-08-31 14:18:00

  • You will most certainly not be getting any blowjobs at Dragon*Con!

    posted by: Kristin on 2009-07-13 13:26:00

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