Kicked in the Dicebags!
The Secret Lives of Geeks

 My first deep dive in a recorded actual play ( the last did not quite make it with a group of Booters I played with some years ago.) But this is a clarion call for two slots of protagonist characters for those who might be available in the listening audience to participate in the online Skype sessions no more than two hours long max. There will be more details to follow in the upcoming weeks on this... hope you all enjoyed the Father's Day weekend. 

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 This episode talks about musings of Facebook and social media shenanigans I have witnessed over time. Then the sexual harassment wave has begun to swell in the RPG industry as key creators (who I will leave nameless) have been  publicly decried and indicted for such in the court of public opinion and removed from their positions  and what this spells for us in who just want a safe haven to game. And RIGHTFULLY so our mothers, daughters,sisters, wives, girlfriends and friends at the table. The topic finally  branches off to discuss the inclusion of current events and politics at the gaming table as a campaign fodder and how that has influenced me to get back into superhero RPG's after a long time not wanting to run them specifically and stayed in sci-fi territory or other genres. Specifically the late Guardians Of Order : The Authority RPG


Link:  Green  Lantern Hal Jordan being yelled for doing nothing for black people.



 Oh and welcome back everybody !

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 This is the third and final chapter of the story time installments as we march into Autumn with resolve and new purpose.  I talk about doubt, uncertainty and ownership of mistakes and much, much more. Some if you may agree or disagree with it but it is HONEST, authentic, and as always a dialogue with my audience.

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 The controversial series of introspection continues with my  thoughts and personal experiences covering the collective failure of the Civil Rights movement and its generation. The impossibility of  integration as a principle and why it was doomed to begin with. Obama and other puppets placed to make people acquiesce and get comfortable under a corrupt political machine and the corporate interests.  And the illusion   of some black men that believe interracial dating is a solution under the executioner shadow of white nationalism and supremacy  in this nation. The illusion I woke up from just in time but not before I was served up the punishing system myself as a lesson.  When interracial sex is just an anesthetic to distract and make him groggy before he sees the axe coming for his neck. And that  racial hate and believe of inferiority and superiority exists even while lust and sexual acts and even cohabitation are present. It is  just compartmentalized.

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 Facebook frustrations, corporate politics, gender warring, accusations of false sexual harassment reveal a beginning segment of life lessons to the listener. This is a cautionary tale of let the buyer beware and how naiveté and the lesser guarded with the armor of intellect and self awareness will find themselves face down and floating and carried away by the river. Where the bodies of your enemies should occupy. 

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