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Kicked in the DiceBags: Side Project Episode 2: Munchins and Min-Maxers and Power Gamers, Oh My!

Hey guys, Adam again.

Nick and I sat down and had a conversation about the aforementioned types of gamers. We define them (as best we know how), talk about what it is to be these things, and how to deal with it when you have one of these in your game. I don't know how successful we were at that last part, but...

If you have definitions or suggestions, go ahead and leave them in the Comments prompt below, shoot us an e-mail at, or catch me on the Fear the Boot Forums - my forum handle is: The Almighty Bear.

Next week, we've got something special planned, so stay tuned...


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  • hey guys, I wrote a blog post about some ideas that this episode triggered for me. You can read it here: Thanks for the great show.

    posted by: Greg Christopher on 2010-12-16 14:09:00

  • I listened to it while walking my dog and the problems mirror a number I have with level based games to start with. All level based games are by design games that will encourage power gaming, min/max, etc.. That just happens to be the way you play the game and the way the books reward level advancement. To play against that can certainly be done, but it\'s paddling a canoe up a raging river. While I love D&D what I\'ve mentioned above caused me to seek out other games that aren\'t so...stacked in favor of the players. I\'d love continue this debate with you and our listeners. I would also float a future show on level based games as a player vs. non-level based games.

    posted by: Jesse (another host) on 2010-12-19 11:10:00

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