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In which Noble Bear Schools us on 70's TV.

The New

Fourth Edition Dungeons and Dragons

4e D&D Quick Start and two level 1 Adventures, one in the Nentir Vale 4e 'default' setting and one in Eberron:

4e character sheets and some Essentials line premades if you want to try the “retro-new” character classes with the quick start instead:

Savage Worlds

A ton of SW downloads including the Test Drive rules, character sheets, templates and setting specific pre-gen characters:

A ton of One-sheet adventures to get you running fast:

New World of Darkness/Exalted:

Quick starts come with test rules, an adventure and pregenerated characters. They used to have a nice convenient downloads page to get all the quick starts and character sheets which seems to be gone now. Just pick the game that interests you and there should be a free quick start for it, some even have multiple quickstarts with different adventures (like Hunter) on drivethrurpg. Unfortunately they aren't consolidated into one nice page like they once were:

The Old:

OSRIC: 1st Edition AD&D retro-clone. Nearly an exact copy of the old rule set made to work within the SRD. The pdf versions are free, or you can buy print on demand versions:

Classic Marvel Forever - The depository for TSR's Marvel Super Heroes RPG, and new fanmade material:

Star Frontiersman Magazine - Onloine home for digitally remastered Star Frontiers classic materials and a dedicated community of SF enthusiasts:

I couldn't find more free old games, but a trip to your FLGS could likely turn something up and often at a huge discount. Or you could do a more thorough search than I.Star S

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  • The debate did take place, if you click on my posted name, it should link you there. Otherwise, it is here:

    posted by: Adam (Players Edition Host) on 2011-07-14 17:30:05

  • Im not sure if you guys have covered the 3.5 vs 4e debate yet, so ill speak my peace here. The argument made about everything being in one book(starts at 22:15): would someone have expected the barbarian class to be in 4e PHB1 if it was not in core 3.5 PHB? i could make the same statement about 3.5 and me wanting to play a halfdragon warmage. the same amounts of supplements would be required in either edition if you didnt want to shoehorn into one of the first books class/race combo. I think it is unfair to judge what SHOULD be in any games core book based on another game. just because a previous edition had it available in the first book doesnt mean the next should. there are 8 classes and 8 races in the 4e PHB1 with multiple builds for each class. if i recall this is more options than the 3.5 core PHB provided. I have a feeling this misplaced expectation is what led to the classes provided in the 4e Essential books. its a different game, dont expect it to be a remake of an older edition. wasnt that what a lot of people were worried about in the first place? "oh no here comes 3.75"... then people are thrilled with pathfinder. as far as the minutia of the system (19:00): the lack of a mundane item selection, i can counter with the same answer of "there is no roleplaying in 4e". just because they dont list it in the book doesnt mean its not available to character to buy. ive even done this with items 3.5. so what if WotC doesnt want to create the entire economy of your world. in fairness it was said "you now have to make up a lot of that now". it doesnt make it unavailable as it was originally brought forward to be. the minutia of the wizard would have been a better example. food rations and other items was just not the things to make this point. /end rant keep up the good work guys. i like the well rounded discussions on general edition changes you had. i was a quick fan of all the Masters Edition episodes.

    posted by: Craby on 2011-07-13 22:54:11

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