Kicked in the Dicebags!
The Secret Lives of Geeks

Part one of an epic 2 1/2 hour call. 

In this episdoe we talk about not being at gen con felt like. We also discuss what Kicked in the dicebags con would be like.

We also breifly talk about our dealing with being drunk with power. Or having to deal with people who are drunk with power.

hour long movie tangent next week!


ps check out the docking station podcast, which is my second podcast. podcast

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  • First time listener, and I really enjoyed your podcast but I had to say something. For a long time I had no license or car so it was next to impossible to play in a face to face group. But I frequently chatted on various MUDs, Mucks and Mush's and having fell into a gaming group there. Sure being chat only made some things a bit slow but it was a game. Built in randomizers handled dice rolls and it was a fun weekly gaming group. One of the games I'm in has been running nearly continuously(With only one reboot to lower power level) for almost ten years now. It's Bi-weekly now due to my work, but I have another weekly game that uses a mix of Ventrillo and a Muck to play and that's been going on for a year or two. It's rather rare that we don't play as those in the group are rather committed and only things that would prevent a person from showing up face to face seem to cause missed games. Just wanted to say that online RPing is possible and thanks to you introducing me to Roll20 mabe even more fun than before!

    posted by: Kevin Merriman on 2012-10-08 07:16:40

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