Kicked in the Dicebags!
The Secret Lives of Geeks
In which, Chris, Jonathan, and a short-tempered guest have an insightful conversation on comics and movies, then they actually record. Send all death threats to

Show Notes
"Last Race" by Jack Nitzsche
Special Guest: Joe from The Podgecast

Topic: Jonathan tries to defend Hitler...and fails
Tangent: Joe's sexual harassment tale
Tangent: Stupid chicks
Tangent: Putting the seat down
Tangent: Selling kids on the Black Market

Politics...we go there
Tangent: Chris fails at geography
Tangent: Luke Meyer's valid concern

Joe critiques the podcast
Tangent: Brilliant Gameologists, Fear the Boot, & the Podgecast
Tangent: Luke or Dan: Which is fucking Chris?

Strip clubs
Tangent: Porn...yeah, we go there too

The 4th Edition debate that never comes
Tangent: Jonathan & Kristin's domestic dispute

The perils of podcasting
Tangent: The perils of the other gender

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