Kicked in the Dicebags!
The Secret Lives of Geeks

   In which, Chris & Jonathan host a pod-curious MILF to discuss video games. Join the Circle of Hate at

"Kicked in the Dicebags" by Stu Venable
Explicit Intro: Michael Mills
Special Guest: Kimberly Unger, Video Game Designer

[00:01:00] Paul Tevis

[00:03:45] Trapcast Jenisodes

[00:04:30] Various Films

[00:11:00] Star Trek Video Games

[00:13:45] Show & Guest Introductions

[00:16:15] A Thank You to Jess Hartley (!?)

[00:17:00] Robert Bohl

[00:18:30] Clinton R. Nixon

[00:21:30] Kim's Background

[00:35:30] Comic Books, Con Games, & Design Documents

[00:41:30] Intellectual Properties

[01:00:00] Indie Sex

[01:03:15] Kids Today

[01:10:30] Pathetic Eye Candy

[01:17:00] Fan Service

[01:26:00] Femdom Rape

[01:58:00] Roleplaying in the Bedroom

[02:16:00] Our New Year's Resolutions

Addendum: Apologies everyone for the truncated episode after 2:20 going forward what you heard after our initial goodbyes was our post wrap up discussion on the mikes that we forgot to edit out. We promise we'll do better next time. ;)

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