Kicked in the Dicebags!
The Secret Lives of Geeks


   In which, Chris, Jonathan, and an even older man escape from the white man's planet, consider Kicked in the Prunes, lose their virginities, pound girls into the floorboards, and support gambling in Alabama. Lobby against us at


Music: "Kicked in the Dicebags" by Stu Venable

Explicit Intro: Michael Mills

Special Guest: Stu Venable from Happy Jack's RPG Podcast


[00:02:00] Chris' Blaxsploitation Game

[00:12:30] The Old-Man Cast

[00:25:00] Our First Times

[00:47:00] The Downside of Deflowering

[01:01:00] GMing is like Sex

[01:31:30] Race Issues

[01:36:00] Some Ignorant Shit

[02:17:00] Stu's Super Bowl Announcement



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