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Hey all, Adam here from the Kicked in the Dicebags Players Edition. When Chris Mais took us on board and excitedly explained his vision for the future of his podcast, we were all very stoked. During that conversation, Chris gave us his blessing to work on projects of our own and drop them in the feed. I toyed with the notion of dropping this in the Bullshittery category, but as the content of the episode is relevant to the things we discuss in the normal podcast, I felt it better to drop it here.

The recording of the pilot episode of the Players Edition was recorded in two large chunks on two separate days. On the second day of recording, Nick and I found ourselves on Skype waiting for Keith to get his equipment set up. I was itching to test my newly-downloaded mp3 recorder, so I suggested to Nick that we try and record a sort of mini-episode, just the two of us. What you find here is the result.

I hope you enjoy it: I intend to do more of these in the future.

Snow Notes:

Jack Chick Tracts

Dungeons and Dragons Movie - This has some stuff related to what Nick and I were talking about in the episode.

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 A brand new day has arisen in podcasting. Answering the call put out by Fear The Boot of a empty co- host chair that one man left,eight men entered and the whole playing field has changed. Meet Keith, Adam G and Nick as they dive right in to the pilot episode, introductions, resumes of roleplaying cred, top geek movie picks,  and how we come up with character concepts. I really have to tell you these guys rock and come out of the gate swinging but don't take my word for it. Take a listen!! And stay tuned to hear the other half of the rest of the yet unnamed hosts as they get on the mikes with me on the Kicked In The DiceBags: The Masters Edition!!

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In this episode wihich is  well over two hours long we ( myself, Evil Mark, Collin, Kim and Marc) discuss characters that will inhabit the Slipstream actual play game and their concepts as well as stats, skills and things that will distinguish them in the game setting and we hash out rules. After that topic  is covered (and I apologize we had fewer Skype drops to edit) then we discuss at length bad science fiction movies. the let downs of the production studio, possible remakes and why or why they shouldn't be made and the idea of retconning as opposed to rebooting a concept.

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