Kicked in the Dicebags!
The Secret Lives of Geeks

Hey guys, Jim here.  We had some technical difficulties with the recording so there are a few bad editing cuts where I was forced to try and splice together us picking up from dropped calls.  Hopefully it isn't too bad and you still enjoy the show.  If not well, mea culpla.

[0:30ish] Movies we've been watching


Alien Resurrection - I have since watched it and stand by my original assertion of its awfulness

Tron Legacy

[3:55] Geekery: Our Guilty Pleasures

Travis: Rutger Hauer (

Freedom Force (

Jim: Tomb Raider (

Uwe Boll (


[15:32] Finding Inspiration

Crazy News stories (

[28:20] Miniatures and why all you people that don't like them are wrong

[51:50] GM's Tool Box: Carrying around your shit

Products Discussed in this Episode: 

Battlemats (

Paizo Flip Mats (

Galeforce 9 licensed D&D vinyl mats (

Tour of Darkness Adventure (



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