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Update: The sound quality on this one was shit.  I reran it through normalization and exported it at a higher bit rate and it seems better but I was only able to listen to a few bits at random points in the episode.  Hopefully this one is a lot more pleasant to listen to.

Got a nice long one for you this time

[0:32] Banter: Switching opinions and affiliations

[14:50]Geekery: Half-assed, barely informed musings about international role-playing scenes

[38:30] R-E-S-P-E-C-T, I'll tell you what it means to me... err us

[01:02:10] Running non-combat action encounters and the mechanization of role-playing

[01:43:40] Tangent: Palladium horrible refuse that won't go away, or brilliant marketing?


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Oh hi folks,

Jim here from the Master's Edition.  As is evidenced by the fact that we've only posted two episodes since the KITDB reboot, the Master's Edition has had its share of speed bumps.  We are working to rectify this.  Episode 3 is all but ready to publish and will be done so either late tonight or sometime tomorrow morning as I am currently writing a term paper that will keep me busy well into the night.


Episode 4 has been recorded and I think it will be our best one yet with the appearance of a very special, very awesome, top secret guest host.  So thanks to those who have stuck with KITDB, and thanks to the Player's Edition guys for keeping good content coming from this feed, as it has allowed us on the Master's Edition to work through these problems we've been having.  



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