Kicked in the Dicebags!
The Secret Lives of Geeks

In which Noble Bear Schools us on 70's TV.

The New

Fourth Edition Dungeons and Dragons

4e D&D Quick Start and two level 1 Adventures, one in the Nentir Vale 4e 'default' setting and one in Eberron:

4e character sheets and some Essentials line premades if you want to try the “retro-new” character classes with the quick start instead:

Savage Worlds

A ton of SW downloads including the Test Drive rules, character sheets, templates and setting specific pre-gen characters:

A ton of One-sheet adventures to get you running fast:

New World of Darkness/Exalted:

Quick starts come with test rules, an adventure and pregenerated characters. They used to have a nice convenient downloads page to get all the quick starts and character sheets which seems to be gone now. Just pick the game that interests you and there should be a free quick start for it, some even have multiple quickstarts with different adventures (like Hunter) on drivethrurpg. Unfortunately they aren't consolidated into one nice page like they once were:

The Old:

OSRIC: 1st Edition AD&D retro-clone. Nearly an exact copy of the old rule set made to work within the SRD. The pdf versions are free, or you can buy print on demand versions:

Classic Marvel Forever - The depository for TSR's Marvel Super Heroes RPG, and new fanmade material:

Star Frontiersman Magazine - Onloine home for digitally remastered Star Frontiers classic materials and a dedicated community of SF enthusiasts:

I couldn't find more free old games, but a trip to your FLGS could likely turn something up and often at a huge discount. Or you could do a more thorough search than I.Star S

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