Kicked in the Dicebags!
The Secret Lives of Geeks

 This episode talks about musings of Facebook and social media shenanigans I have witnessed over time. Then the sexual harassment wave has begun to swell in the RPG industry as key creators (who I will leave nameless) have been  publicly decried and indicted for such in the court of public opinion and removed from their positions  and what this spells for us in who just want a safe haven to game. And RIGHTFULLY so our mothers, daughters,sisters, wives, girlfriends and friends at the table. The topic finally  branches off to discuss the inclusion of current events and politics at the gaming table as a campaign fodder and how that has influenced me to get back into superhero RPG's after a long time not wanting to run them specifically and stayed in sci-fi territory or other genres. Specifically the late Guardians Of Order : The Authority RPG


Link:  Green  Lantern Hal Jordan being yelled for doing nothing for black people.



 Oh and welcome back everybody !

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