Kicked in the Dicebags!
The Secret Lives of Geeks

   In which, Jonathan wants to crawl a dungeon, Runester advises against advice, and Wayne has sex with his wife...a lot. Humorless pricks can ask us what this has to do with gaming at

Music: "Kicked in the Dicebags" by Stu Venable
Explicit Intro: Michael Mills
Special Guest: Wayne from Fear the Boot
Browsing 4Chan: Runester

[00:02:30] Guesting on a Podcast

[00:17:00] Funny Books Rick Remender Interview (Preview)

[00:20:00] Fear the Boot

[00:28:00] Other Podcasts & Actual Plays

[00:41:30] Kevin Smith, George Carlin, Full House

[00:48:00] Nostalgia - You Can't Go Back

[00:52:30] Comics

[01:25:30] Superhero Role-playing Games

[01:34:00] Fear the Con III

[02:01:00] House Rules

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