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This is an ACTUAL PLAY from Fear the Con 4: Chris Mais rarn his very own blacksploitation game (something he has run every year he has been at Fear the Con) and its awesome. So awesome, that we had to record it, and share it with you!

Special thanks to Joe Rossi for recording the session.

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  • Well, I'm pretty sure that was the halfway mark. I was there for the very end and that didn't sound anything like it. Did only half of the game get recorded?

    posted by: Church on 2011-03-30 16:13:14

  • This is what I was given: There was some issues with the recorder at some point, not to mention that recording the episode was kind of impromptu. So I'd apologize, but it really does keep with the theme of the episode: RANDOM AS HELL! :-D

    posted by: Adam (Players Edition Host) on 2011-03-27 20:23:56

  • Did the recording screw up or did it go "Merp!" in editing the start and end on? Because it cuts off somewhere around the 40 minute mark in the middle of a sentence with Dan going on about Washington University, then it hops to what I think is post-game chatter.

    posted by: Von Krieger on 2011-03-27 11:07:21

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