Kicked in the Dicebags!
The Secret Lives of Geeks
Kicked in the DiceBags: Players Edition Episode 7: The Motherfuckin' BATMAN

Topic 1 [1:48]: Common Player Mistakes

Topic 2 [18:18]: The Group Dynamic

Topic 3 [40:22]: Top 5 Superheroes
5) Superman
4) The Darkness
3) Robin (Tim Drake)
2) Batman
1) Nightwing
Listener Challenge: Is there an ongoing comic book hero who has grown and developed on the page to the same extent as Dick Grayson?
5) Captain America
4) Power Girl (because I heart boobies)
3) Batman (because he’s the fucking Batman)
2) Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)
1) Superman
Marvel/DC: After Hours #6 (1 of 2) (for a little pretext, the second one is the one we were talking about in the episode)
Marvel/DC: After Hours #7 (2 of 2)
1) Major Bummer
2) Blood Hound
3) Midnighter
4) Apollo
5) Doctor Strange
5) Multiple Man
4) Mutherfuckin’ Nightcrawler
3) Deadpool
2) Spider-Man
1) The Motherfuckin’ BATMAN

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