Kicked in the Dicebags!
The Secret Lives of Geeks


Update: The sound quality on this one was shit.  I reran it through normalization and exported it at a higher bit rate and it seems better but I was only able to listen to a few bits at random points in the episode.  Hopefully this one is a lot more pleasant to listen to.

Got a nice long one for you this time

[0:32] Banter: Switching opinions and affiliations

[14:50]Geekery: Half-assed, barely informed musings about international role-playing scenes

[38:30] R-E-S-P-E-C-T, I'll tell you what it means to me... err us

[01:02:10] Running non-combat action encounters and the mechanization of role-playing

[01:43:40] Tangent: Palladium horrible refuse that won't go away, or brilliant marketing?


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