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Topic #1 [4:21]: Canada Sucks!

Topic #2 [20:50]: New Pathfinder Games

Question of the Week [1:05:00]: Creamy or chunky?

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  • Hi guys! I can't believe you haven't been flooded with Australian replies yet! :) I'm a Sydney long-time listener here, and I had to laugh at the venomous birds comment - did you have one in mind, or was that just some fun hyperbole? (or confusion with New Zealand?) I also have to say I did indeed love Galaxy Quest. I was thinking that I would have to track down Sky High...until people started complaining about Watchmen. Finally: crunchy peanut butter. I already try to do this; but my wife keeps buying the smooth stuff. -hvg3

    posted by: hvg3 on 2012-01-26 23:09:02

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