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Topic #1 [6:40]: Alpha Players
Derail #1: Cat Butt Tattoo
Tattooed Disney Princesses

Topic #2 [16:45]: Diversity in RPGs

Article on Boing Boing
DeRail #2: White Gnoll

Women in Realistic Armor
Much love, Morgan Freeman (on Black History Month)
Seelah’s Backstory

Topic #3 [40:10]: Fear the Con 5
Adam’s Slot 1 Game: La Belle Dame Sans Merci
Chad’s Slot 1 Game: Silent Memories
Chad’s Slot 3 Game: Silent Memories
Reik’s Slot 4 Game: Rage and Regret
Jess’ Slot 4 Game: It All Went Wrong
Adam’s Slot 5 Game: The Train Job
Keith’s Slot 6 Game: Bad Omens

Topic #4 [46:30]: Preparing for our Games
DeRail #3: Colombian Prostitutes

DeRail #4: Make It Tso

Fear the Competition
Fear the Noun Episode

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  • @HyveMynd: I think you missed the point of the discussion. In the end, it's unfair to assume that WotC is racist based on the artwork in their books. Is the fantasy and RPG genre on the whole racist? Probably not. Do they include an appropriate cross-section of ethnicity? Definitely not. Admittedly, I am not a fan of the soundboard either, but so far as the jokes go, well... if you can't handle a little color commentary (see what I did there?) perhaps this isn't the podcast for you. But, to be fair... you were warned!

    posted by: Adam (Host) on 2012-05-15 18:29:16

  • This is the first KitDB episode that I've listened to, and honestly, it might be the last. Your discussion of ethnicity in fantasy media really turned me off. Yes, I agree that you can't really say that WotC or their artists are racist/sexist simply based on the art they produce. But can you really say that it's OK that the vast majority of characters in fantasy are depicted as "white"? Why is that acceptable? Shouldn't peoples in fantasy media reflect the diversity found in real life? I felt that you guys took a topic that could have lead to a great discussion and really lowered the bar with that sound board and all the jokes you made.

    posted by: HyveMynd on 2012-05-15 04:20:32

  • You want a new logo? I met some of you at fear the con. I had the pink shirt with the bald guy with a beard printed on it. Im listening to your podcasts now. Good stuff. I heard you would like a new logo. If so let me know! BTW im prretender on the forums.

    posted by: Ryan Diel on 2012-05-11 20:32:40

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