Kicked in the Dicebags!
The Secret Lives of Geeks
  Ok, so the audio on the first episode was fucked up. We offer you this conversation as an apology for our episode 1 debacle. Please note, this is not an actual episode, more of just Chris and I talking about the podcast and whatever else came to mind. 
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In which, Chris and Jonathan discuss anal vomiting, watch men, then catch the clap. The Heath Ledger fanclub can send hate mail to

Show Notes
Music: "Hoodie Ninja" by MC Chris

Topic: Jonathan's disgusting shit
Tangent: Introductions

Topic: Why, Chris, why!?
Tangent: Rastafarian Decepticons
Tangent: Lame movies Chris loves

Topic: Various RPG's
Tangent: Sandbox gaming

Topic: Watchmen
Tangent: Other comic book movies
Tangent: Heath Ledger

Topic: Have you ever had the clap?

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