Kicked in the Dicebags!
The Secret Lives of Geeks
In which, Chris, Jonathan, and a short-tempered guest have an insightful conversation on comics and movies, then they actually record. Send all death threats to

Show Notes
"Last Race" by Jack Nitzsche
Special Guest: Joe from The Podgecast

Topic: Jonathan tries to defend Hitler...and fails
Tangent: Joe's sexual harassment tale
Tangent: Stupid chicks
Tangent: Putting the seat down
Tangent: Selling kids on the Black Market

Politics...we go there
Tangent: Chris fails at geography
Tangent: Luke Meyer's valid concern

Joe critiques the podcast
Tangent: Brilliant Gameologists, Fear the Boot, & the Podgecast
Tangent: Luke or Dan: Which is fucking Chris?

Strip clubs
Tangent: Porn...yeah, we go there too

The 4th Edition debate that never comes
Tangent: Jonathan & Kristin's domestic dispute

The perils of podcasting
Tangent: The perils of the other gender

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In which, Chris & Jonathan dump a pornstar, engage in a duel of wits over tactical combat, long for giant robots (...kinda), then make love and war with other podcasters. Verbally shit on our chests at

Show Notes
Music: "Space Booty" by Valhalla Kittens

Topic: Georgia X a.k.a. Georgia Peach
Tangent: Painful creativity
Tangent: Jonathan & Kristin

Topic: Tactical combat

Topic: Mech games
Tangent: Chris is old, Jonathan is evil
Tangent: Kristin is Estonian

Topic: Controversy
Tangent: Podcasters we love

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Chris' Mini Review of Crossed In the last show I mentioned I 'd been reading Garth Ennis latest comic for Avatar Press called Crossed. It is a really top notch comic for the following reasons. Garth Ennis is reason number one. Let 's face it I got into Preacher the seminal comic of the nineties quite late and when I paged through it trade after trade I  liked what I read.

But I digress... the subject of Crossed...
 It follows the journey of several survivors of an inexplicable  wave of madness that assailed their town and the people infected with this madness look like the guy above.

And how that journey changes them in the process.

 How you do deal with something of a curve ball not  familiar to the reader like  zombie hordes and legions of the undead but something that was once a person and now is quite insane and homicidal with no off switch and they work together with a tribal  intelligence to make sure you either join their ranks of madness or die ?
Crossed is only 4 issues in so far so it is an easy buy in to put your duckets down for a really good ride.
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   In which, Chris & Jonathan breaka ya legs, question Ed Healy's sexuality, actually discuss games, and have anal sex. Call us fuckasses at

Show Notes
Music: "Legend of Zelda" by Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra

Topic: Johnny the loan shark
Tangent: Is Ed Healy gay?
Tangent: Fuckass & Horsecock

Topic: Being rpg-curious
Tangent: Nostalgiacide will destroy the industry!
Tangent: MMORPG's vs P&PRPG's

Topic: Pushing that shit in

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  In which, Chris and I give good pythagorean theorem, then say nigger as much as possible. Enjoy and feel free to call us assholes at

Show Notes
Music: "Hoodie Ninja" by MC Chris

Topic: Geek relationships
Tangent: Geek vs Nerd / Poseur Geeks

Topic: Offended pussies
Tangent: Are all of your characters black?
Tangent: Trendy adoptions
Tangent: A bag of black cock!

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