Kicked in the Dicebags!
The Secret Lives of Geeks
   In which, a harmless discussion about black super heroes spins out of control, as Jonathan recounts a tale of bigotry and Chris stands upon a soapbox. Tell us how you hate The Man at

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Explicit Intro: Jonathan Landreth
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   In which, Chis & Jonathan have a geek 2 geek (.com) discussion with a guest who never actually quit. Movies, comics,'s all here! PETA can protest for small mammals at

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Explicit Intro: Walt Snider
Special Guest: Francis from Kingdom: The Next Generation

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  In which, Whitesnake & The Nubian Prince do battle against the Artificial Sperm, investigate Dr. Eye Tyrant's secret Project MG, are drug to Hell, and foreshadow a Spooky Outhouse crossover event in Showcase issue 3.  Evil villains can locate us at 'nuff said.

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Promo: Accidental Survivors
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Chris 's summer reading pick I read this book about a year ago (based on this man on the cover's real life  exploits) and I picked  it up again this summer and re-read it. I seldom do this with books unless I really enjoy them. It makes the train wreck you are reading so much fucking fun I don't know where to start. I never knew that being an asshole could be elevated to an art form. Nevertheless, whether you aspire to be Tucker Max or choose to regard  this as a cautionary tale,this is a must have on the book shelf.
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  In which, a sexy-voiced guest joins the cast to teach Chris a lot about Australia...and make Jonathan hard. Chigger sheep-rooters can bag us out at

Music: "Domination" by Symphony X
Special Guest: Rib from The Downunder Gamer Show
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