Kicked in the Dicebags!
The Secret Lives of Geeks

   In which, Chris & Jonathan are joined by an invited and uninvited guest to cut loose on music, theaters, poor game systems vs poor GMing, Fear the Boot, Runester (of course), people who have rejected being a guest (fuck you),  podcast sponsorship, local game & comic stores, the death of gaming, the PVP/ Penny Arcade actual plays, remakes, movies, penis size, gamer shame, having kids, Jar Jar & Hayden Christenson, Kevin Smith, Superman movies, & the difference between on and off-mic KitD. Chicks can compulsively lie to us at

Music: "You Don't Need an iPod" by Uncle Seth
Intro Clip: Family Guy (lots of love to HP Lustcraft for sending us this)
Explicit Intro: Walt Snider
Special Guest: Walt Snider from Kore New Media 
Uninvited Guest: Mike Curry from Bear Swarm!
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   In which, Jonathan banters with a Walking Eye about various game systems, Crazy Richard, slaying games, porn, vasectomies, Rob & D(Adam)vid's balls, Superman vs The Hood, Super Hero games, slaying games revisited, and modules. Tell Chris you missed him at

Intro Music:
"An Angel's Poem on a Grave" by Angel Vivaldi
Explicit Intro: Michael Mills
Outro Music: "You Don't Need an iPod" by Uncle Seth
Special Guest: Kevin Weiser from The Walking Eye Podcast

Listen to the episode for the details.

The Prize!

Agents of Atlas 8-9
Amazing Spider-Man 599 & 602
Black Panther 6-7
Cable 16-17
Captain America 601
Daredevil 119
Deadpool 10 & 13
Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth 1-2
Exiles 3 & 5
Fantastic Four 566
Invincible Ironman 14-16
Uncanny X-Men 510 & 514
Wolverine 75-76
X-Factor 45-46
X-Force/ Cable: Messiah War 1
X-Men: Future History
X-Men Legacy 225

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*Note* You should listen Episode 3 of the Spooky Outhouse Showcase before this Bullshitery.

Alright, so a while back, Jonathan recorded with some other SOP podcasters on July's Spooky Outhouse Showcase. After the show, we added Rob Justice to the mix and cut loose in explicit fashion. Here it is raw and uncut (unlike Ryan's dick). Enjoy!

Spooky Outhouse Showcase #3


Jonathan Landreth from Kicked in the Dicebags
Fraser from Accidental Survivors
Ryan from Save Against Frostbite
Artemis Knight & Rob Justice from Bear Swarm!

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   In which, Chris & Jonathan judge the Ennies, remember Uncle Charlie, discuss gamer lairs, get their dicks sliced, and hate on women (of course). Dragon Con blow-job requests can be sent to

Music: "Save Against Frostbite Tribute (Remix)" by Johnny B-Lazy
Explicit Intro: Jonathan Landreth (written by Kristin)

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   In which, our zeroes actually discuss actual play, get propositioned for gay sex, speculate on the courage of cross-dressing, wonder where the gay gamers are, debate NASCAR vs other sports, throw their own 2 cents in on the Ennies, are creeped out by Billy Blanks, butt heads over healthy gamers, finally find common ground with free healthcare, become depressed over politics,then become inspired over gaming.

Music: "1990 X-Men Cartoon Theme"
Explicit Intro: Walt Snider
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