Kicked in the Dicebags!
The Secret Lives of Geeks


  In which, Chris, Jonathan, and Satine (yes, all three!) are joined by director Zebediah DeSoto and actor Michael Diskint to discuss their upcoming film-

Night of the Living Dead: Origins

   In this week's Kicked in the Podcast, Rob and Brian try and fail to begin their On Shelves Now segment in the Uncanny X-Cast



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 In which, a hero returns, a villain learns to never say 'never', and an asshole relates a gaming story. Special Guest: Rob Justice of Bear Swarm! fame.

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In which, despite all manner of technical difficulties, Jonathan & Satine conduct a short interview with Oscar A. Torres. Afterwards, they have an addicting discussion.

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   In which, Jonathan & Satine get philosophical, are amazed at the cost of living, talk comics (sorry Funnybooks), and visit New Tampa.


  This week's Kicked in the Podcast features a father/ daughter moment that somehow becomes a disturbing discussion about screamin' semen from SModcast.

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In which, Chris & Jonathan honor the memory of Gary Coleman by releasing their shortest episode ever!


In this week's Kicked in the Podcast, the boys from Funnybooks (sans Jonathan) weigh in on War of the Supermen.

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