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This is an ACTUAL PLAY from Fear the Con 4: Chris Mais rarn his very own blacksploitation game (something he has run every year he has been at Fear the Con) and its awesome. So awesome, that we had to record it, and share it with you!

Special thanks to Joe Rossi for recording the session.

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What's Going On with Kicked in the DiceBags?

So I bet some of you are wondering what the heck is going on with Kicked in the DiceBags. We have two shows and even still, we only are able to post sporradically at best. We do apologize for that, and we hope to resolve our issues soon, but we have been having some difficulty managing the amount of space on LibSyn. The trouble is that there are almost two years of backlog, bogging down the feed.

So what are we going to do about it? Honestly, the next step from here is to have our own dedicated website. Now his will take a great deal of time and work on our end (as mentioned above, there are 2 years of backlog), but once it is done we should have all 83 episodes of the old Kicked in the DiceBags archived, 14+ episodes of Player's Edition and 5+ episodes the Mastercast will all be available. Also, if I'm understanding it correctly, we will have our own forums as well, similar to Fear the Boot. Not that the Spooky Outhosue forums are bad, per se, but with our own dedicated site, it would be nice to have dedicated forums as well.

So that is the news as I know it. Chris may have more to add, and I'll let him do so at his leisure. If you have any suggestions as to how to improve the show (outside of sound quality and editing issues: We're well aware of our shortcomings in that regard and we have worked to improve upon them), now would be the time to share.  You can either comment on the show itself, or e-mail us at one fo the following locations:

Kicked in the DiceBags general e-mail:
Player's Edition general e-mail: 

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Masters Edition Episode 5 (Fer Realzies)

In which we talk about alot of stuff, most of it being science fiction.

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Hey guys, James here.

So it turns out that the Player's Edition guys' productivity and reliable releases has led to us waiting a couple days for some of our data to be archived as we simply have too much data posted at the moment.  Episodes 5 and 6 are ready to go and will be up as soon as we can post them.  It may be as early as the 20th but will more likely be the 21st.  

I appologize and lay all the blame at the feet of the Player's Edition for putting out good content too fast for our publishing service to keep up.

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We were short on hosts this week, so at the last minute Adam and Keith are joined by Chad from Fear the Boot, and then there was awesome.

 PS: Dear Chris Hussey: Don’t listen to this episode.

Topic #1 [2:40]: Gaming Horror Story from Daniel in Serbia
Iron GM

Topic #2 [8:54]: Fan Fiction
Amanda Hocking: Making millions publishing through Kindle.
Star Wars Kid

Tangent Topic [23:49]: Zombies

Topic #3 [29:35]: Metagming

Topic #4 [44:48]: Top 5 Most Frustrating Television/Movie Endings and/or Cancellations (SPOILERS! SO MANY SPOILERS! WHY GOD, WHY?)

My Name is Earl
Arrested Development
Pushing Daisies
Better Off Ted
Tangent: Wonder Woman television series by David E. Kelley
Quantum Leap
StarGate Universe
Dead Like Me
I, Robot
Twin Peaks

Group Template of the Week [1:23:45]: Amy Buddies

(fixed from "" because Adam is stupid)



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