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 Yep. Guys we have been out here in several incarnations for 2 years. A milestone in podcasting of no small effort of editing,skype drops, and the madness of our methods here at Kicked In The DiceBags. And it is due to you the listeners because we wouldn't be here if not for you or at least it was be quite lonely otherwise. Most of all I would like to thank Adam, Keith, Jesse, Nick, Jim, Travis, Jon Landreth, Satine Phoenix of (I HIT IT WITH MY AXE), Chad, Chris Hussey, and Dan Repperger and Ed Healy with whom talking in that restaurant back  on a lazy Sunday afternoon post-con back during Fear The Con 2 spawned the seminal idea for this show. Its been a long ride and more is yet to come, great things, interviews and raising the bar and not  shying away from the controversial late night banter that you have come to both expect and appreciate. This is just my thank you note to all you. And Happy Easter!

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Hey guys: No Player's Edition today, we have one in the can but Keith (who does the editing) is moving this week and can't work his magic. As soon as he gets that edited, we'll release the next episode. In the meantime, hwere is a Side Project that Nick and I recorded some time ago. Hope you enjoy it!

Nick's Blog

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In which Jim and Travis discuss where they get ideas for GMing.


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Dan was kind enough to drop this into the Fear the Boot feed because of the limited space we have here at Kicked in the DiceBags. This is an actual play of Chad Wattler's Silent Memories game from Fear the Con 4. Playing in the game was myself (Adam), Jess (Suryal on the FtB Forums), Terry (Terrus), Steph (Moonhawke), and Stan (goatunit).

The file runs about 3.5 hours, so be warned, and enjoy!

Silent Memories

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I'm going to drop this a day early because I won't likely have a chance to. For this episode we had SO MANY Skype issues that I am amazed we managed to get the hour and twenty minutes of content we did. As such, we lost Jesse twice in the course of the episode (though thanks to Keith's editing you can barely tell save that we mention it), and there are some sound quality issues that come along with using crappy Internet phone. But on the whole, it was a successsful episode and SO MUCH FUN to record, so I turly hope you enjoy it.

In this episode: Adam, Jesse and Keith are joined by Chris from the Mastercast and Chad from Fear the Boot.

Topic #1 [4:30]: Memories from Fear the Con

Topic #2 [18:52]: What to Bring when Packing for a Con

Topic #3 [37:35]: What Works Best for a Con Game
At Fear the Con 5, the third and final chapter of Chris Mais’ Blacksploitation Epic: Lawd Have Mercy, There Be Cotton on the Moon

Group Template Sample [1:03:40]: Serving Time
Incarceron by Catherine Fisher

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