Kicked in the Dicebags!
The Secret Lives of Geeks

Topic #1 [8:30]: Romance in RPGs

Topic #2 [30:30]: Sex in RPGs

Character Concept of the Week [56:00]: Tangental Skill Guy

Question of the Week [1:07:5]: Dumbledore vs. Gandalf?

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Master's Edition Episode 11

Master's Edition is a Tween now!

Skip to one hour, two minutes for the main topic.

That's right, one hour of banter. 


Mythic GM Emulator 

S. John Ross' Big List of Plots

Character Questionaires 

Dungeon Delve

Keep a quantity of candy in your pocket to, reward your players when you have to take a minute to catch up. 

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 I have been away for a while planning and waiting and now the time has come for me Chris Mais to come out from the shadows again with something different and interesting again

It begins.. here is the trailer for what I hope will be an exciting new addition to our offerings here in between both the Master's Edition and Player's Edition podcasts. Enjoy!

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Topic #1 [3:30]: Little Gundams and other awesome ways to waste money

Topic #2 [9:40]: Kicked in the Dicebags

Topic #3 [23:20]: Fusty nut with no kernel (and Keith edited this episode, not Adam)

Topic #4 [28:37]: Skill whores vs. Combat-type-peoples

Topic #5 [47:00]: Dealing with Anachronisms in Games

Character Concept of the Week [1:04:09]: The Redeemed Character

Question of the Week [1:11:45]: If you had a lightsaber, what would you do with it?

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So... Life has been kind of crazy of late.

I just got a new job at an elementary school (BRAINS! YOUNG IMPRESSIONABLE BRAINS!) and so while we have recorded an episode (24, by my count, featureing Chad and Wayne from FtB) I haven't had ANY time to edit it. Fortunately Keith (who wasn't even on this episode) has graciously agreed to edit the episode, so it should be dropping no later than this next Saturday (10/8/2011).

Also, we have a few new features for our podcast.

Player's Edition has a Twitter feed (our name: @KitDB_Players).

We also have new forums, within the Fear the Boot Forum Boards:

Also, you can always e-mail us at

See you soon and stay tuned!

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