Kicked in the Dicebags!
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The Mastercast, with 25% added value from visiting Players Edition host Adam, discuss the pending fifth edition of Dungeons and Dragons.

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Welcoming Keith, Adam, Chad, Noble Bear, and Jenny (Lime-Wielding Ninja)

Vegan Jerky (

Topic #1 [4:21]: Canada Sucks!

Topic #2 [20:50]: New Pathfinder Games

Question of the Week [1:05:00]: Creamy or chunky?

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In which our faithful podcasters reveal their guilty pleasures. And other stuff happens too.

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Happy Holidays everyone!
This episode was supposed to have dropped Christmas Eve, but due to the holiday craziness (and me going on a post-Christmas vacation), it isn't dropping until... TODAY! Right now.
We have a usual suspects on the show, but with a surprise visit from Dan, fearless leader of the Fear the Boot clan. 

Topic #1 [1:55]: Retail Christmas Rants
Chad's awesome gift and the source of Adam's LEGO envy: 

Topic #2 [16:30]: Bullying

Topic #3 [32:04]: What pushes your buttons in a game?

Character Concept of the Week [1:03:09]: A Bully

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