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There is something else I'm supposed to link, but I can't remember what it was... OH WELL!

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The one where LibSyn runs out of space... again.

So Keith, Chad and I were going to try and record this week, but things got out-of-control crazy and it didn't happen. Fortunately, I had something else in the hopper (so to speak) that was more or less ready to go. So I woke up this morning, got it all ready and packaged, added an announcement bumper at the beginning, listened through and created some show notes, logged into LibSyn to drop the episode and lo-and-behold! No fucking space. Or rather, space, but not enough to contain this monster of epicness that I was about to unleash on the masses.

So what to do? Point the finger? I can easily blame the MasterCast for their spotty, inefficient production standards (which is to say not produce anything until we all breathe a collective sigh of relief at it's obvious demise until it rears it's ugly noble-bear shaped head at some random point in the time stream), or I can blame you, the listeners, for not paying us enough money to pay for Chad's sex addiction, Keith's energy drink problem, and my inability to love anything but Pathfinder. Either way, the blame clearly does not fall on my shoulders.

So that said, I think I'll make you wait like Grand Master Blueballs until such a time that I see fit to allow you in on this monumental package I keep barely restrained in my pants- er... computer.

So stay tuned!

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In which we welcome back host Chris Mais and have a rambling late-night talk, so not too much in the show notes department...

Eroll Flynn - 

The Graduate -

There are over 52 D&D 4th edition core books

Kickstarter Order of the stick - 

That's the first quarter-hour. I don't remember much after that... 



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We actually finally answer one of the topics from our topic request thread in our fourms.

 Adam apparently also hates classic french literature.  Keith hates epic games and All of chads games are epic! 

We are all going to fear the con 5 which is happening in may. 

Also are live streaming our recordings at

Join our facebook group

Also review us on itunes we haven't had any reviews in a while, help a bro out will ya?


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