Kicked in the Dicebags!
The Secret Lives of Geeks

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Also, Keith plays with the soundboard.

Topic #1 [6:40]: Alpha Players
Derail #1: Cat Butt Tattoo
Tattooed Disney Princesses

Topic #2 [16:45]: Diversity in RPGs

Article on Boing Boing
DeRail #2: White Gnoll

Women in Realistic Armor
Much love, Morgan Freeman (on Black History Month)
Seelah’s Backstory

Topic #3 [40:10]: Fear the Con 5
Adam’s Slot 1 Game: La Belle Dame Sans Merci
Chad’s Slot 1 Game: Silent Memories
Chad’s Slot 3 Game: Silent Memories
Reik’s Slot 4 Game: Rage and Regret
Jess’ Slot 4 Game: It All Went Wrong
Adam’s Slot 5 Game: The Train Job
Keith’s Slot 6 Game: Bad Omens

Topic #4 [46:30]: Preparing for our Games
DeRail #3: Colombian Prostitutes

DeRail #4: Make It Tso

Fear the Competition
Fear the Noun Episode

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CharityiInformation on the forums can be found here

Gamers Outreach

Letter Information:

If people want to write their own letter, please address it to “Dear Soldier” and place it in an unsealed blank envelope. I have to request an address at the time of sending the letters, so I have no idea who it will go to right now. People can also use the website to send packages as well.

(From much hunt and peck) - simplified instructions:

1. Read the information here.
2. And more information here.
3. Go to this page and select someone from the left (The capital letters designate branch) and read their requests.
4. Once you find someone who you wish to donate to, click the link on the main side of the page to request the address.
5. Use the info from steps 1 and 2 to put together a package of requested items or send a letter.

They have suggestions about where to find things the soldiers want on this page, however the person putting together the package really needs to read the requests first. One request I read said basically - no more jerky please!!!

Also, check out Derek's podcast, The Established Facts. BECAUSE I SAID SO!

Love, Adam 

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Hey guys Keith here again doing all the work.  This episode features Me, chad and chris mother fuckin Mais.  We talk about furries, winning the lotto and player emporwerment !  Kinda a crazy episode to edit. 

Fear the Con 5. Get into it!!!!!

My Game for Fear the Con

Promo vid :

con planner link :

Join us on Facebook

or on the fear the boot forums!!


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