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The Secret Lives of Geeks

Tonight Chad, Keith and Chris pull in special guests Pat from Fear the Boot and Jenny from Topics

  • Fear the Con 5 wrap up
  • Charcter sheets suck
  • Keeping secrets from other players 

Character conept of the week is the failed revenge monkey.

This is a long episode 

nearly 2 hours!



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MasterCast 16 - John Scott Tynes interview

In which the show welcomes John Scott Tynes, writer and game designer on such titles as Delta Green, Unknown Armies, Over the Edge, and Call of Cthulhu D20. Mr Tynes website

About 45 minutes in, my computer shits the bed, and we had to restart. Mr Tynes was beginning to speak of a book called Wildest Dreams, but we never got back to it. Check it out. 

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We did a "live" episode at the lobby of the Drury Inn after the first day of Fear the Con.  We ended up having 13 people around the mics, but it's werid that once skype is out of the mix our quality goes up.  We had people from Action Nerd: Go!, Danger Brewery, and the Fear the Boot forums.

The con was the frist time for Keith to meet Adam and Chad in person and do a podcast all in the same room. 

Fear the Con was amazing you should all go next year!

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