Kicked in the Dicebags! (Bullshittery)
The Secret Lives of Geeks

In this sphincter-tightening episode, our heroes discuss Fiasco, Eclipse Phase, Running Adventure Modules outside their native systems, and other ephemera. I put no indicia in this episode, so visit our forums to contact the hosts and continue the conversation.

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Hello guys sorry about the long delay, may/ april was a crazy couple of months. on the Mics we have Adam, Keith and other adam makes another apperance. No show notes this time we kinda had les of a format than usual. Hit us up


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A few weeks back, one of the players in Adam's regular group recorded their World of Darkness: Innocents game from near-start to finish. Adam doesn't believe in releasing actual plays as a rule, but he listened to the session in all of its glorious 4.5 hours and put every one-liner, non sequitur, and humorous anecdote (that wasn't an inside joke) got added to a beat track. This was the result. We here at Kicked in the DiceBags hope you find it amusing.

You have been warned.

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   Thursday night, Jonathan sat down over skype to discuss an upcoming game with two members of the Asshole Group: Dan & Luis. This is how it's done, fuckers! Why actually plan for the game when you can sit around and laugh?

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Chris and Jonathan recap their experiences from Fear the Con III.

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