Kicked in the Dicebags! (Episodes)
The Secret Lives of Geeks

 Chris Mais regales you with PSA stuff and other stuff in his 19 minute return chiming in about gaming and wondering HEY how have  you BEEN and of course things to come....

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  This episode Chris discusses the shift of favored campaigns from those that are less so and the fickle nature of both players and GM's at the table and the  personalities and the fun that is both shared and lost as a result.

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 Hey guys a return solo episode for August after and absence of many, many months but you get me Chris Mais with a topic on game death, change schedules, player and GM inspiration and how to get back into the sync of game zen. This is a short episode and well if you hear the tinny audio apologies in advance guys.. that is the air conditioner because of the heat wave striking us in the Northeast both day and night.

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 In this interview segment I( Chris Mais ) sit down with Shanna Germain, of Monte Cook Games, one of the co-creators and editor of the Strange and Numenera. And this original interview was chopped up but we got back together and took a second go at it and here it is.

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 Here we drop an episode a month late but thankfully here. Here I am your host Chris Mais with Daniel Krenzke and Sethalidos on the mikes yet again for more conversation and interesting discussion during the past month of January. We talk about everything from Lord of the Rings to dating rituals to child support. And this was the half of the conversation that wasn't eaten up via Skype recorder. Enjoy this episode folks we had a blast making it happen!

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