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The Secret Lives of Geeks

 This is a solo episode where it is just me Chris Mais talking about the show, the future and concerns about Ferguson and racial harmony.

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Hosts Adam , Chad , Chris Mais,Keith and Pat

To cellebrate the Sojourn anthology 1. the gang shares some of the writing projects they are working on.

Mais is running a game set in the image comics universe but is worried about putting his own spin on things in an established setting.

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Hosts: Adam, Chad, Lily, Tony

Con of the North

Interaction Point Games

Limestone Publishing

Next week, Chris Hussey, Mikey Mason, and Adam Gottfried will be hanging out at Source Comics and Games in Roseville, MN. If you're interested in coming, join the Facebook event: Fear the Boot: Minnesota

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Worst Sexual Roleplaying Ever

Breakfast of Champions

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Mikey Mason's new podcast: Pros and Cons

Postcards from the Dungeon

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