Kicked in the Dicebags!
The Secret Lives of Geeks
In which, Chris & Jonathan sell out, plan their death, compare a D&D game to black pussy, then have an orgy with Meg and some midgets. Send pictures of your cock to

Show Notes
Music:  Louis Jordan " Beans and Corn Bread" and  Closing Credits from G.I. Joe

Topic: Napster bad!
Tangent: Gun trackers

Topic: Our KDB contingency plan
Tangent: Jonathan's vice
Tangent: An orgy in the sky

Topic: Pussy is pussy

Topic: Bad player habits
Tangent: Kelly's 4e game
Tangent: The 7 shits of role-playing
Tangent: The secret of initiative

Topic: The Queen of the South
Tangent: God smites Jonathan's comp

Topic: Star Trek and other Sci-Fi

  1. Vinny
  2. Meg from Brilliant Gameologists
  3. Stuart Robertson

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