Kicked in the Dicebags!
The Secret Lives of Geeks
Masters Edition Episode 5 (Fer Realzies)

In which we talk about alot of stuff, most of it being science fiction.

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  • I'm going to qualify my comment by first saying that I have not yet had a chance to listen to the entire episode, but after seeing the previous comment, I felt the need to say something: @Matthew: Bearing in mind that most of the opinions on Kicked in the DiceBags are a matter of perspective (which effectively means we pull the facts from our own meandering experience rather than our asses), I have to object to one thing you stated in your comment. White Wolf is a contender in this industry, but their horror game (World of Darkness) and their sub-games (Vampire, Werewolf, Mage, etc.) are most DEFINITELY fantasy: Simply a subset referred to as "urban fantasy" or "dark fantasy." Their Exalted game is closer to cyberpunk, but World of Darkness outsells Exalted 5 to 1. The horror genre in general CAN by science fiction, but lets face it: That's just the backdrop. You could tell most horror stories in any setting or time-period with the right amount of tweaking.

    posted by: Adam (Players Edition Host) on 2011-03-25 01:12:27

  • I had to stop listening to this episode before it finished. I think you need to do some research before you just start spouting stuff about games. I really get the feeling that you're just pulling facts from your asses. Science Fiction RPGs are doing just fine. Look at a list of top-selling RPGs and sure, there are lots of fantasy games there, because they have a longer tradition. What about games like Mechwarrior. It had three editions, and sold well. Shadowrun is going strong. White Wolf is a contender in the industry and they produce horror games, which are not fantasy. Sure, the biggest games right now seem to be D&D and Pathfinder, but there are a lot of successful games that are not monolithic, but not dead either.

    posted by: Matthew on 2011-03-24 16:01:18

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