Kicked in the Dicebags!
The Secret Lives of Geeks

I'm dropping this a little early because I won't have time to upload the files tomorrow. Enjoy!

Full house this week! Adam, Jake, Jesse, Keith are joined by Chris Hussey from Fear the Boot, and naturally a lively discussion ensues.

Also a very special thanks to all the Fear the Boot hosts for both appearing on our noisy little upstart of a podcast, and for supporting us on their show and shilling us on their forums.

Topic #1 [2:25]: Getting Into to the Hobby from the Back-Ass of Nowhere – an e-mail from Liam in Ireland.

Topic #2 [17:45]: Does Trust Go Both Ways?

Topic #3 [32:35]: Transitioning from Player to GM

Topic #4 [47:46]: Top 5 Written Media We Wish Were Made Into Movies or Re-Made Into Better Movies

Adam’s Rant [1:09:32]: Why Zack Snyder sucks

Character Concept of the Week [1:14:10]: Redemption Stories

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