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Kicked in the DiceBags: Player’s Edition Episode 6: Keith Loves Bruce Campbell

Hey guys! This episode was a good time, but there is a lot of background noise that we couldn’t edit out (my fault: My wife was cleaning the house in preparation for a party we were having the following night), so I apologize for that, but the episode turned out extremely well.

Nick’s Rant [2:00]: Physical Aesthetic vs. Charisma 

Topic 1 [6:50]: Living Vicariously through your Avatar (Virtual Life through MMOs)

Topic 2 [21:34]: Girl Gamers: A Man’s Perspective
Side Project Episode 3

Topic 3 [31:00]: Top 5 Geek Holy Grails
Skywalker Ranch
Area 51
American Classic Arcade Museum

Meeting Hulk Hogan
Have a character appear in a novel.
Being in a geek movie.
Have a character appear in a movie or television show.
Have a character appear in a RPG book.

Playing in an RPG with Wil Wheaton.
Dear Wil Wheaton: Please e-mail us at
Punching George Lucas in the neck.
Making a fucking time machine.Make the Star Wars prequels good (THE APPARENTLY NONEXISTANT 5TH GRAIL!)

Kicking Nick in the dicebags
Having one of my characters or plotlines made into a movie or book and having an RPG created around it.
Creating a book or movie that influences a generation.
The opportunity to co-write a book/script/story/anything with Joss Whedon, Kevin Smith, and/or Neil Gaiman
Play in a celebrity RPG with Vin Diesel, Jim Butcher, Neil Gaiman with Monte Cook as the GM.
Naked sweaty time with Eliza Dushku

Character Concept of the Week [54:39]: Character with family ties.

Character Name Contest [1:07:05]
Fear the Boot Thread
No generally accepted nickname.
Character last name Croft.
Very dominate werewolf.
Modern setting.
Badass with nerdy streak.
Contest entrants:
Prizes to be announced...

Other Notes
Sam Raimi directing World of Warcraft
Joseph Campbell Steps of the Hero’s Journey

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