Kicked in the Dicebags!
The Secret Lives of Geeks

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Also, Keith plays with the soundboard.

Topic #1 [6:40]: Alpha Players
Derail #1: Cat Butt Tattoo
Tattooed Disney Princesses

Topic #2 [16:45]: Diversity in RPGs

Article on Boing Boing
DeRail #2: White Gnoll

Women in Realistic Armor
Much love, Morgan Freeman (on Black History Month)
Seelah’s Backstory

Topic #3 [40:10]: Fear the Con 5
Adam’s Slot 1 Game: La Belle Dame Sans Merci
Chad’s Slot 1 Game: Silent Memories
Chad’s Slot 3 Game: Silent Memories
Reik’s Slot 4 Game: Rage and Regret
Jess’ Slot 4 Game: It All Went Wrong
Adam’s Slot 5 Game: The Train Job
Keith’s Slot 6 Game: Bad Omens

Topic #4 [46:30]: Preparing for our Games
DeRail #3: Colombian Prostitutes

DeRail #4: Make It Tso

Fear the Competition
Fear the Noun Episode

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