Kicked in the Dicebags!
The Secret Lives of Geeks

   In which, Chris & Jonathan relate recent ups and downs, then reflect upon 2009 in hopes of finding closure (futile) and moving forward. Send us e-mails to be publicly aired at

Music: "Kicked in the Dicebags" by Stu Venable
Explicit Intro: Walt Snider
Show Intro: Mark Kinney
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 Jonathan is under the weather with what appears to be the ITIS.. from a run in with good portions of pepperoni pizza and chugging Diet Coke. While he is recovering I figured I would take the time to thanks our fans, detractors, and people we have interviewed and all of  guests hosts on our show in 2009 which has been a wild ride. What did we learn this year..well we learned that we can survive a Judd War and that Jonathan can say fuck Paul Tevis with eloquence and grace and yet not diminish the man himself.
 And if you  happen to walk in from work and catch your wife fucking the family dog you should shoot her and give him a strip of bacon.
 And we are hoping to raise the bar for 2010 by pushing the envelope until it breaks. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and best of the New Year of 2010, the space odyssey continues.
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   In which, Jonathan, Runester & Mark Kinney consider all games, defend an Ennie, recall "The Palladium Incident, and try to get kicked off of iTunes. Tell Chris your entertainment is more important than his personal life at

Music: "Good Times Theme"
Explicit Intro: Michael Mills
Special Guest: Mark Kinney from All Games Considered
KitD Appologist: Runester
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  In which, Chris & Jonathan jump the (space) shark by discussing the taboo subject of...gaming. I know, wtf!? Michael still has plenty of Google Wave invites to go around, so send those entries to

Explicit Intro: Walt Snider
Intro Clip I: The Jank Cast Episode 22
Intro Clip II: Boss Nigger Trailer

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   In which, Chris, Jonathan & R1B go on a date, bash Tiger Woods, research money-shot laws, cum on the furniture, compare beards with Dr. Meyer, consider ass-surgery, debate the merits of obesity, socialize healthcare, sue the system, & finish with a public service announcement. Tell us which Castlevania game was the best at

Intro Music: "The Carol of the Old Ones" by The Arkham Carolers
Outro Music: "Cthulhu Lives!" by Dunwich Children's Chorale
Explicit Intro: Michael Mills
Jonathan's Next Rape Victim: R1B from Downunder Gamers
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