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 This episode  the host Chris talks at length about gruesome deaths in campaigns and the opportunities and the pitfalls of them as a tool for roleplaying both as GM and as a player.

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  This episode Chris discusses the shift of favored campaigns from those that are less so and the fickle nature of both players and GM's at the table and the  personalities and the fun that is both shared and lost as a result.

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 Hey guys a return solo episode for August after and absence of many, many months but you get me Chris Mais with a topic on game death, change schedules, player and GM inspiration and how to get back into the sync of game zen. This is a short episode and well if you hear the tinny audio apologies in advance guys.. that is the air conditioner because of the heat wave striking us in the Northeast both day and night.

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Chris , Ray and Keith get together just before the end of the year. Except Keith edited after the new year. 



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