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In which Noble Bear Schools us on 70's TV.

The New

Fourth Edition Dungeons and Dragons

4e D&D Quick Start and two level 1 Adventures, one in the Nentir Vale 4e 'default' setting and one in Eberron:

4e character sheets and some Essentials line premades if you want to try the “retro-new” character classes with the quick start instead:

Savage Worlds

A ton of SW downloads including the Test Drive rules, character sheets, templates and setting specific pre-gen characters:

A ton of One-sheet adventures to get you running fast:

New World of Darkness/Exalted:

Quick starts come with test rules, an adventure and pregenerated characters. They used to have a nice convenient downloads page to get all the quick starts and character sheets which seems to be gone now. Just pick the game that interests you and there should be a free quick start for it, some even have multiple quickstarts with different adventures (like Hunter) on drivethrurpg. Unfortunately they aren't consolidated into one nice page like they once were:

The Old:

OSRIC: 1st Edition AD&D retro-clone. Nearly an exact copy of the old rule set made to work within the SRD. The pdf versions are free, or you can buy print on demand versions:

Classic Marvel Forever - The depository for TSR's Marvel Super Heroes RPG, and new fanmade material:

Star Frontiersman Magazine - Onloine home for digitally remastered Star Frontiers classic materials and a dedicated community of SF enthusiasts:

I couldn't find more free old games, but a trip to your FLGS could likely turn something up and often at a huge discount. Or you could do a more thorough search than I.Star S

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No show notes, just awesome. Enjoy!

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A few weeks back, one of the players in Adam's regular group recorded their World of Darkness: Innocents game from near-start to finish. Adam doesn't believe in releasing actual plays as a rule, but he listened to the session in all of its glorious 4.5 hours and put every one-liner, non sequitur, and humorous anecdote (that wasn't an inside joke) got added to a beat track. This was the result. We here at Kicked in the DiceBags hope you find it amusing.

You have been warned.

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No real show notes this week as this episode was pretty organic. We were joined by Pat and Chad from Fear the Boot for this episode and it was an absolute blast.


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Update: The sound quality on this one was shit.  I reran it through normalization and exported it at a higher bit rate and it seems better but I was only able to listen to a few bits at random points in the episode.  Hopefully this one is a lot more pleasant to listen to.

Got a nice long one for you this time

[0:32] Banter: Switching opinions and affiliations

[14:50]Geekery: Half-assed, barely informed musings about international role-playing scenes

[38:30] R-E-S-P-E-C-T, I'll tell you what it means to me... err us

[01:02:10] Running non-combat action encounters and the mechanization of role-playing

[01:43:40] Tangent: Palladium horrible refuse that won't go away, or brilliant marketing?


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